Your baby's safety is of utmost importance to us! Please take the time to read the instructional pamphlet that comes with each wrap or ring sling. If you need additional help using your wrap or ring sling, contact your closest Babywearing International Chapter to find a local meeting near you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

~Only use this carrier with children weighing between 8 and 35 pounds.
~Check for ripped seams, torn fabric, and damaged hardware before each use. If found, stop using carrier immediately.
~Never leave a baby in a sling carrier that is not being worn.
~Check on the baby often. Ensure that the baby is periodically repositioned.
~Never use a carrier when balance or mobility is impaired because of exercise, drowsiness, or medical conditions.
~Never place more than one baby in a carrier. Never use more than one carrier at a time.
~Never use carrier while engaging in activities such as cooking and cleaning involving a heat source or exposure to chemicals.
~Never wear sling carrier while driving or being a passenger in a motor vehicle. 

~Babies younger than 4 months can suffocate if pressed tightly to the wearer's body. Greatest risk is posed to babies born prematurely or with respiratory problems.
~If you nurse your baby in carrier, always reposition after feeding so baby's face is not pressed against your body.
~Make sure baby does not curl into position with chin resting on or near baby's chest. This position can interfere with breathing even if nothing is near nose or mouth.

~Leaning, bending over, or tripping can cause baby to fall. Keep one hand on baby while moving. 

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