Before pulling the tail all the way through the second ring, stop and check to be sure that it is spread and gathered evenly, with the hems of the fabric on their respective ends. This will ensure a smoother look and easier adjustments once on. ​Be sure to check that it is not twisted each time you begin to use it. You do not have to thread a ring sling each time; you can simply loosen and tighten as needed to get it on and off. 

Begin by holding the rings in one hand and the tail in the other, gathered up in your hand.

Ring Sling Instructions

​Begin to tighten the fabric through the rings to snug up the carry. Pull strand by strand, starting from one edge and working your way to the other. Be sure to keep the fabric from getting twisted in the rings as you tighten. Spread the material over your shoulder to adjust the comfort level. 

Then, splitting the rings, pass the gathered tail over the first ring and under the second ring making sure that it remains gathered and not twisted.

Pass the sling up and over your head to rest on the opposite shoulder. Place the rings just slightly above the hollow of your shoulder, so that once tightened they will rest in that hollow. Adjust the size of the pouch so that it is mostly snug, with just a little slack to allow baby to slide in. Be sure to keep the fabric from getting twisted as you do so. Mirror where the fabric is coming from as you pull through to keep the fabric from getting twisted (i.e. pull the top edge across your torso as you tighten). 

Make sure you feel confident with the instructions before trying with your baby for the first time. Practicing in front of a mirror and with a spotter is always a good idea. Everyone has a different learning style. Below is a pictorial guide. If you learn better by watching videos, here is a link to several wonderful ring sling videos compiled by Caring is Wearing. For hands on help learning how to use your ring sling or wrap, visit Babywearing International to find a local babywearing chapter near you.

To remove baby, hold baby in your arm opposite the rings, lifting up slightly to take the counterweight off the carrier. Pull up and away gently but firmly on the visible ring. Then, reach into the carrier with both hands to lift baby up and out.

Begin with the ring sling threaded. Hold the sling by the fabric closest to the rings, with the tail hanging down in front.


A special thanks to TaiLeah Madill, Jenna Parker, and Rachael Bender fromBabywearing International of Phoenix for creating these pictorial instructions! 

Hold baby high on your shoulder, the side without the rings, with one arm. Reach up from under the pouch with your other arm. Slowly lower baby into the center of the pouch, supporting them with your lower arm and spreading the fabric up over baby from neck to bum. As you do so, pull all excess fabric towards the rings. ​Take the bottom edge of the fabric and bring it under baby’s bottom to then tuck it up in between you and baby, creating a nice deep seat. Make sure the fabric is spread from baby’s knee to the opposite knee and that it is snug with the knee lifted above the bum, creating an ‘M’ shape. 

Pass the gathered tail through both rings.​